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Winter Paralympics Games 2022

Winter Paralympics Games The downtime sports featured include alpine skiing,cross-country skiing, biathlon, wheelchair curling, para ice hockey, para snowboarding, and wheelchair dancing on ice. Some of the most inspiring stories come out of the Paralympics. Athletes from around the world contend at an elite position despite facing immense physical challenges and obstacles.

The Winter Paralympics are going to be unmissable. So get ready for an inconceivable display of sporting excellence and alleviation. The action kicks off on March 4, 2022- see you in Beijing!

About the Winter Paralympics

The Winter Paralympics are held every four times. Following the Winter Olympics. Athletes with physical disabilities contend in downtime sports like alpine skiing, snowboarding, and sled hockey. The 2022 Winter Paralympics will be in Beijing, China from March 4- 13.

About the Events

There are 6 different sports with multiple events in each sport. The events are grouped by the position of disability, so athletes contend against others with analogous capacities. Alpine skiing includes upwardly,super-G, giant slalom, slalom, and super combined races. Snowboarders contend in snowboard cross, banked slalom, giant slalom, and slalom.

In sled hockey, athletes use sleds with blades and sticks to pass and shoot a elf across the ice. Curling is played from wheelchairs. Wheelchair curlers use a delivery stick to push monuments down a distance of ice.

Biathlon combinescross-country skiing and rifle firing. The visually bloodied, attendants ski with the athletes and help them aim during firing rounds. Cross-country skiing races include short, middle and long distances using classic and free ways.

Who to Watch

Some star athletes to watch are alpine skiers Henrieta Farkasova( Slovakia. Who has won 10 gold orders, and sit- skier Andrew Kurka(U.S.), a 4- time semifinalist. In snowboarding watch for Bibian Mentel- Spee( Netherlands), a 2- time gold semifinalist in snowboard cross.

Sled hockey players to follow are Greg Westlake and Billy Bridges. Canada) and Kelsey Di Claudio. US one of the first American women in sled hockey. Steve Cash(U.S.) is a top goalie. The Paralympics are an inspiring event showcasing amazing athletes from around the world. Do n’t miss it!

Schedule of Events at the 2022 Winter Paralympics

The 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing will feature an instigative lineup of events over 10 days.

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing includes upwardly skiing,super-G, giant slalom, slalom, and super combined. Men and women contend in events from standing, sitting, and visually disabled orders across speed and specialized disciplines. The alpine skiing events will be held at the Xiaohaituo Alpine Skiing Field.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing features 10 km, 20 km and mixed relay races for men and women. In standing sitting and visually bloodied groups. The cross country skiing will take place at the Zhangjiakou Cross Country Skiing Field.


Biathlon combinescross-country skiing and rifle firing. Men and women will contend in 6 km,7.5 km and12.5 km biathlon events in sitting. Standing and visually disabled orders. The biathlon events will be held at the Zhangjiakou Biathlon Field.

Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair entwining features mixed gender brigades contending in a round robin event and playoffs. The wheelchair entwining event will take place at the Beijing Training Tower Ice Curling Arena.

Sled Hockey

The sled hockey event features 12 men’s brigades contending in a round robin and playoff. Sled hockey, also known as para ice hockey, is played by athletes with physical disabilities who sit on sleds to glide across the ice. The sled hockey event will take place at the Wukesong Sports Center.

With so numerous instigative events across alpine skiing, cross country, biathlon, wheelchair curling and sled hockey. The 2022 Winter Paralympics will showcase the passion and fidelity ofpara-athletes from around the world.

Order Events at the Paralympics

The 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing will feature a variety of instigative order events in several sports. Then’s a exercise of what you can anticipate to see

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiers will contend in upwardly,super-G, giant slalom, slalom, and combined events. Sit- skiers, visually disabled skiers, and standing skiers will all battle for gold across groups for men and women.

Nordic Skiing

Athletes will share in biathlon( skiing and firing) andcross-country skiing races of varying distances. Sit- skiers, standing skiers, and visually bloodied skiers will contend for orders in sprint. Middle distance, and long distance events.

Ice Hockey

The Paralympic ice hockey event will feature men’s and women’s brigades contending in a round- robin format. Athletes with physical disabilities will play in a modified interpretation of ice hockey with special sledges and sticks.

Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair curling follows the same rules as traditional curling but athletes deliver monuments from a stationary wheelchair. Men’s and women’s brigades will face off in a round- robin event and playoffs.


Snowboard cross, banked slalom, and giant slalom. Events will be held for athletes with lower branch impairments, including amputees and those with spinal cord injuries. Men and women will contend in standing and sitting groups.

With 74 order events in total, the 2022 Winter Paralympics is shaping up to be an instigative transnational competition. Tune in to cheer on your favorite athletes and substantiation sporting excellence and the mortal spirit in action.

Countries contending and Athletes to Watch

The 2022 Winter Paralympics will feature around 600 athletes from over 45 countries contending in 78 order events across 6 sports. Some of the top countries and athletes to watch include


China dominated the 2018 Winter Paralympics, winning 80 orders including 26 gold. They’re anticipated to continue their success again. Athletes to watch are sit- skier Wang Chenyang. Who won gold in the men’s slalom and giant slalom, and visually bloodied skier Zhang Mengqiu. Gold semifinalist in the women’s slalom and giant slalom.

United States

TheU.S. won 36 orders at the 2018 Winter Paralympics, including 13 gold. Alpine skiers like Danelle Umstead, a three- time Paralympian with vision impairment, and Thomas Walsh. A sit- skier who won tableware in the 2018 super combined, will be leading the platoon. Also watch for snowboarder Brenna Huckaby. A two- time Paralympian and 2018 halfpipe tableware semifinalist.


Canada took home 28 orders from the 2018 Winter Paralympics. Their wheelchair entwining platoon is always a top contender, having won gold at the last three Winter Paralympics. Sit- skier Kurt Oatway is also one to watch after winning gold in the men’s upwardly andsuper-G in 2018.


Ukraine won 25 orders at the 2018 Winter Paralympics, including 7 gold. Cross-country skiers like Paralympic champion Maksym Yarovyi and biathlete Oleksandra Kononova. Who won five orders in 2018 including two gold, will probably dominate for Ukraine again.

Neutral Paralympic Athletes

Athletes from Russia will contend as” Neutral Paralympic Athletes”( NPA) due to answer warrants against Russia. Despite this, the platoon earned 33 orders in 2018 including 8 gold. Alpine skier Valerii Redkozubov andcross-country skier Roman Petushkov each won three gold orders and will be leading the NPA platoon.

The 2022 Winter Paralympics are sure to feature inspiring stories. Record- breaking performances from athletes around the world. With numerous top losers returning, the competition will be violent and instigative. China, marking the launch of an inconceivable display of mortal achievement and perseverance.

Venues and position of the 2022 Winter Paralympics

The same megacity that hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008. As with the Olympics. The venues for the Paralympics will use numerous of the same installations. With some variations made to ameliorate availability.

Beijing National Stadium- The Bird’s Nest

This iconic colosseum will host the opening and ending observances. While the colosseum was erected for the 2008 Olympics. Upgrades were made to make it completely accessible for wheelchair druggies and athletes with mobility impairments.

National Aquatics Center- The Water cell

The Water cell, will host swimming,para-swimming and wheelchair entwining events. Variations were made to add accessible outfit like hoists, ramps and wheelchair storehouse areas. The temperature of the pools can also be acclimated for different events.

Beijing public Inner Stadium

The public Inner Stadium will host wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby events. New ramps, elevators and wheelchair seating areas were added to make the venue accessible.

Beijing Ice Dance Hall

Located about 30 twinkles outside the megacity, the Ice Dance Hall will host Para ice hockey events. New locker apartments, medical installations, ramps and elevators were installed and the arena ice face. And seating areas were modified to meet availability norms for sledges and wheelchairs.

Genting Snow Park

The Genting Snow Park, located in the Zhangjiakou zone. Will host Para snowboarding and Para freestyle skiing events. The venue added accessible gondolas. Ramps, medical installations and modified courses to accommodate adaptive outfit.

The 2022 Paralympics will use numerous being venues from the 2008 Olympics. But significant upgrades and variations were made at each installation to make them completely accessible and inclusive. With the games being held in the same megacity just a many weeks after the Olympics. Beijing will be ready to host an instigative and memorable Paralympic Winter Games.

Accommodation and Tickets for the Winter Paralympics

The 2022 Winter Paralympics will be held in Beijing. China from March 4- 13, 2022. As an attendee, there are a many effects you can anticipate regarding accommodation and tickets.


Beijing offers a range of accommodation options for all budgets. You can find standard hospices as well as further upmarket options in the megacity center and girding areas. Numerous hospices offer accessible apartments for wheelchair druggies and people with mobility impairments. It’s stylish to bespeak accommodation located near an accessible public conveyance line. Or within a many long hauls of event venues.


Tickets for the 2022 Winter Paralympics went on trade in October 2021. You can buy tickets through the sanctioned Beijing 2022 website or authorized resellers like CoSport. Tickets start around$ 15 USD for early round competitions and go up to$ 250 USD for high- demand tests like sledge hockey. Blinked tickets are available for scholars, senior, and impaired attendees.

Some tips for buying tickets

Purchase tickets as early as possible for the most options. Tickets will vend out, especially for popular sports.

  • Consider attending primary or early rounds to witness further sports at a lower cost.
  • Look for combined event tickets to see multiplepara-sports in one day.
  • Do not forget to explore artistic events like the opening and ending observances. Tickets generally range from$ 30 to$ 200 USD.
  • Still, elect” accessible seating” or” companion seating” ticket options, • If attending with a wheelchair or service beast. Call the ticket office directly for specific availability questions.
  • Check if your public Paralympic commission offers ticket packages or travel arrangements for attending the games. Some give deals for new suckers and athletes’ family members.

Between the variety of sports, artistic events and fests. The 2022 Winter Paralympics promises to be an indelible experience. With some advance planning.

COVID- 19 preventives at the 2022 Winter Paralympics

The 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing will have some COVID- 19 safety measures in place. As an attendee, then’s what you can anticipate

To enter China as a foreign onlooker, you ’ll need to give a negative COVID- 19 test taken within 48 hours of your departure and follow China’s entry conditions. Formerly in China, you ’ll take another test and enter a “ unrestricted- circle operation system. Which limits contact between event labor force and observers.

  • Closed- circle transport Designated vehicles will take you between venues and lodgment . No public conveyance allowed.
  • Minimize relations Avoid close contact like leverages, handshakes, and high- fives. Wave and smile rather!
  • Use contact dogging overlook venue canons or register your particular details to enable contact tracing if demanded.
  • Dine in “ bubbles ” Eat refections only with your close connections or “ bubble ” group. No buffets, and table service only.
  • These temporary measures, still inconvenient. Will help contain the spread of COVID- 19 so everyone can enjoy the Winter Paralympics as safely as possible. Have a awful time in Beijing and good health to all!

Qualifying for the 2022 Winter Paralympics

To contend in the 2022 Winter Paralympics, athletes must first qualify to represent their country. The qualification period began in July 2021 and ends in January 2022. Each sport and event has its own criteria to qualify. But in general, athletes can qualify in a many ways

Meet minimal eligibility criteria

The first step is meeting the minimal eligibility criteria set by the International Paralympic Committee( IPC) for your chosen sport and event. This generally means contending in a certain number of events over a set time period and achieving minimal scores or times. For some sports, athletes must place within a certain ranking at designated qualifying events.

Achieve a share niche

share places are spots allocated to each country to shoot athletes to contend in a specific sport or event. Countries earn share places grounded on the results of their athletes. At IPC- approved competitions during the qualification period.

Admit a wildcard

Wildcards are given at the discretion of the IPC to athletes. Who don’t else qualify but are still largely ranked in their sport. Only a limited number of wildcards are available. So athletes shouldn’t calculate on entering one. Wildcards allow further athletes to contend. Especially those from countries with developing Paralympic programs.

The qualification criteria and number of share places available varies for each of the 22 sports and events in the 2022 Winter Paralympics. The full list of qualification rules is on the IPC website.

While qualifying is grueling , watching athletes from around the world contend. At the Paralympic Games makes all the fidelity and hard work worthwhile. The 2022 Winter Paralympics are sure to inspire and excite. With fierce competition and feats of athleticism on snow and ice.

FAQ About the 2022 Winter Paralympics

The 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing will be then before you know it. As an avaricious sports addict, you presumably have some questions about what to anticipate at this monumental event.

What sports and events will be included?

Some of the sports you can anticipate to see at the Winter Paralympics include

  • Alpine skiing upwardly,super-G, giant slalom, slalom, super combined
  • Nordic skiing biathlon,cross-country skiing
  • Ice sledge hockey
  • Wheelchair entwining
  • Snowboarding snowboard cross, banked slalom, boardercross

There will be a aggregate of 78 order events across these 6 sports. Athletes of all capacities will be contending for gold.

How can I watch the Paralympics?

The Winter Paralympics will be televised on NBC and NBCSN in the U.S. and on the Olympic Channel. You can also stream live content of every event on NBCOlympics. The NBC Sports app, and Peacock. Some events may be shown on detention due to the time difference with China.

What differently can I anticipate from the 2022 Winter Paralympics?

In addition to the sporting events, the opening and ending observances are sure to be spectacular shows celebrating. The Paralympic values of courage, determination, alleviation and equivalency. You will also get the chance to learn the stories of numerous inspiring Paralympic athletes. Who have overcome immense obstacles to make it to these games.


So that is what you can anticipate at the 2022 Winter Paralympics. World- class athletes contending at the loftiest situations across multiple sports. An inspiring display of mortal achievement against all odds. While the games will look different this time due to COVID. The passion and competitive fire of the athletes will still shine through.

Tune in, cheer on your favorite challengers, discover new sports you noway knew was. The Paralympics show the veritably stylish of mortal spirit and athleticism.

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