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White Label Or Private Label Vaporizers: What’s The Main Difference?


Sep 18, 2023

The cannabis vape market is trending, and industries are experiencing significant growth. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) vape brands play an integral role in manufacturing development. Within this framework, cannabis vape pen manufacturers have two choices: white-label and private-label vapes. 


White-label and private-label vape are the two best options for vape consumers. These vaporizers are manufactured by one company and then sold to various companies to embark on their businesses with specific brand names. 


This article will explore more about white-label vape and private-label vape. Which one is the best for you to choose? Also, you’ll get to know how you can manufacture your own E-liquid Whitelabel brand. 


Difference Between White Label Vape & Private Label Vape

The basic difference between these vapes is that white-label vape products are easily available in any store via any company to sell or purchase. On the other hand, private-label vape products are only sold out by a specific company. 


Let’s discuss the brief details here; 

  • White Label Vape

White-label vapes are designed without any brand or label. These are the pre-manufactured vapes sold by different companies under different brand names. 


These vapes are easily available, and any company can purchase a white-label vape that is easily sold out with customized branding and packaging on these vape pens.  

White Label E-Liquid Vape Manufacturing

You can start your E-Liquid brand easily with white-label liquids. Simply buy e-liquid in containers or bottles, add your brand name or label, and start selling them. 


Start their supply in different companies; before that, you only need to invest a little for labeling and branding. The manufacturing companies will invest a lot to sell these e-liquids in vape pens, box mods, vaporizers, and mechanical kits. 

Pros Of  White Label Vape

There are the following benefits of white-label e-liquid solutions:


  • Provide a quick and easy route towards the market.
  • Save the time of both manufacturer and buyers.
  • They have a low-risk rate and better brand credibility
  • Product offer expands. 

Cons Of  White Label Vape

There also exist some demerits of white-label e-liquid solutions.


  • The customization options are very low. As they are pre-manufactured and the business limit is minimal.
  • Competition is high in white-label vape pens. As various businesses can purchase and sell them. 

  • Private Label Vape

Private-label vapes are designed under the supervision of a manufacturer. These are the originally designed vape pens made with specific brands and labels.

Private-label vape pens are manufactured after collaboration between the manufacturer and the cannabis company and are only available for purchase by that particular company.

Private Label E-Liquid Vape Manufacturing

Private-label e-liquid manufacturing includes precise and clean manufacturing practices for vape products. In production, high-quality raw material is used. Then examined in top certified laboratories. During manufacturing, product safety is a priority. 


Private-label vape companies manufacture a product, and you can sell it under your brand name. This business strategy is gaining more popularity within the e-cigarette market. 

Pros Of  Private Label Vape

The following highlighted benefits of private labeling vapes:


  • Private labeling vapes allow customers to manufacture personalized products.
  • You can save money in this business with the help of private labeling. As sales increase and labeling cost decreases.
  • Private labeling is more flexible in product manufacturing.
  • Private labeling has a high profit margin.

Cons Of Private Label Vape

There are some cons of private label vapes:

  • Developing and manufacturing a private-label vape requires more time and investment. 
  • You need manufacturing expertise for your business. 


Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing White Label OR Private Label Vape

I hope now you know the distinctions between white-label and private-label vape pens. So, it’s up to you which option determines the best fit for your business. Well, you can take the following factors into account to make up your mind:

  • Determine the branding goals and also make a clear idea if you need exclusive customization. 
  • Evaluate your time and resources before starting e-liquid and vape hardware services. 
  • Understand your target market and its preferences. 


Choosing between private-label and white-label vapes highly depends on your business objective and target audience. Make your budget,  marketing strategies, and time frame a basic consideration when starting your business, as this allows your customized brand more excess towards the market and profit margin.

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