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Which vintage chairs for sale are the most favorite?


Oct 10, 2023

If you look at the statistics of demand for vintage furniture, you can see an interesting situation. Buyers are very little interested in medieval products. Perhaps such interior elements look too extravagant in a modern home and need appropriate support. The maximum sales fall on vintage mid-century chairs https://interiorhype.co.uk/product-category/seating/.

Features of vintage mid 20th century chairs

This period of history was a turning point in many ways. This fact is vividly reflected in applied design. We received a huge boost in the form of non-standard ideas, which became a response to the new challenges of time. Each conceptual vintage chair became a bright star and continues to fulfill the role of a guide to new horizons:

  • At this time, designers and architects began experimenting with new and bold ideas in furniture design. Vintage chairs from this period are often characterised by the modern and innovative shapes that characterise Art Nouveau.
  • The working casing included new and unconventional materials – glass, metal, plastic. This made it possible to create completely new forms and change the fundamental principles of furniture design.
  • Vintage mid-century chairs are character by laconic and clear lines. They can have clear shapes without visual noise and a minimalist design.
  • This era is remembered for its use of bright colors and textures. Vintage chairs were painted in bright colors. They were upholstered in ornate textures and patterns.
  • The emphasis shifted towards ergonomics and comfort. Many models of that period are still consider benchmarks in this sense. A vintage chair often has a comfortable back and seat. Its shape is adapted to maintain a comfortable body position regardless of the person’s build.
  • During this period, such interior design styles as Scandinavian design, art deco, modernism, Bauhaus and others were created and finally formed. All of them are still relevant today. Vintage chairs of this time perfectly combine with modernity.


And who knows, suddenly you will be able to get a vintage chair with the signature of its creator. At this time, the talent of such stars in the design world as Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen blossomed.

Where to look for beautiful vintage chairs?

Interior Hype online shop has an impressive collection. It is regularly updated with fresh vintage chairs for sale. It is a great source of inspiration and resources for creating a unique interior.

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