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How to Play Online Togel Gambling for Beginners


Oct 3, 2023

How to Play Online Togel Gambling for Beginners – This togel gambling game seems to be familiar to the people of Indonesia, it can be said that togel gambling is a legendary gambling game. The game of togel gambling has indeed begun to be present since ancient times, this togel game was once called toto gelap. This gambling game is very related to calculations and formulas in finding a series of numbers.

If you can guess the formula for calculating the numbers you want to bet, then a big prize is waiting in front of you.  However, the understanding and purpose of the togel gambling game may have been widely understood by most Online Toto Togel gambling lovers. But there are still many players who don’t understand how to play togel gambling correctly. If you’re not sure how to get the most out of the game, we’ve got a list of the best online gambling sites for you to choose from.

Play Using the Output Number Formula

For those of you who want to win togel gambling games, you can use the Calculation Number Formula which of course you can get from Google and so on.

Play in Prime Condition

Of course, playing in prime condition is important, because most people who play in conditions that are not prime such as lalah, lack of sleep, and under the influence of alcohol often make mistakes while making decisions that result in defeat.

Use Lucky Numbers

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using lucky numbers to play togel gambling games, because most players who often win consecutively often use their lucky numbers such as birth dates, holidays, and favorite numbers.

Understand the Game

It’s good for you when you start playing to understand the game you want to play first. Because there may be important information that you miss while playing.

Start Playing With Small Bets

Of course, there is nothing wrong with starting to play with small betting numbers. Besides you can learn the playing system, and you can also reduce the risk of loss. When you already understand the best way to play, you can play by increasing your bet amount little by little.

Using the Number Percentage Table Formula

The purpose of this formula is that you can all try to build a table of numbers in advance about all the numbers spent for 1-2 months in each of the available togel markets. The goal is you see how big the percentage of numbers that have been released. But besides that, using this method can also help you determine the numbers that will penetrate in each market. Not only that, you can also increase your feeling in the online togel gambling game.

How to Play Online Togel Gambling for Beginners?

Installing with Lucky Numbers

Everyone’s luck is different, as well as the lucky numbers for this togel and toto slot installation. But actually to see the lucky number is not difficult, it’s just that you all don’t realize it. When you have found the number, you should use this method, namely by installing the lucky number when you want to play safely, and most likely the lucky number will be broken.

Types of Togel Games that are Easy to Win

Colok Bebas

In the choice of this colok bebas you no longer need to worry about defeat, because to play this free colok is very easy. This is because, in this colok bebas, you get the freedom to guess the position of the numbers that will be issued by the bookie, if the numbers you guess are correct and repat you are declared a winner. But in this option, you can only guess 1 number no more.

Colok Bebas 2D

Colok Bebas 2D is not much different from the free poke game, where if in free poke you can guess 1 number freely, then in Colok Bebas 2D you are required to guess 2 numbers in the togel number output and if your guess is in the 4D output number then you win.

Colok Jitu

This is a choice that has several parts in the togel, namely: US, KOP, Head, and Tail. If you’re not sure how to get the most out of the game, then you’ll want to check out this article to see if you can get the most out of the game.

Toto Shio

Toto shio is an online togel game that is played by guessing the shio or 2D numbers. Yes, the name toto shio is taken because usually players get certain instincts in dreams related to animal shio. So, players will use the animal symbol to guess 2 numbers.


Toto 50:50 is a toto with special rules. Players must use the betting market system that applies in Online Togel. Then determine the predictions of even-odd and large-small numbers that will be played.


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